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geist factory
bangalore, india


the program was to design a beer factory on an existing industrial shed on the outskirts of bengaluru. the design was based on the idea of retro-fitting a new structure over an existing one as the existing shed and structure could not be demolished due to legal reasons. in plan, the main building was extended on either side to provide additional space to accommodate the program requirements. in section, the existing metal truss and roof was removed and a new roof structure was added to accommodate the height of various equipment required for production. the existing mezzanine was also extended and was proposed to be used as an office space. additional structures were added separately to provide space for other services and utilities. the new addition consists of columns and the trusses which were built using m.s I sections fabricated at site. the concrete columns of existing shed were retained and were used as a part of structure by adding m.s stub columns above them. the roofing material used was puff sheets with strips of polycarbonate sheets spaced accordingly to provide sufficient day light with the factory space. aluminium glazing and louvres were added to get additional light and ventilation. the entire facade was designed with exposed brick and bright red painted steel trusses and columns. the interiors were kept simple based on the functionality of the space with grey concrete floor with white epoxy coating in critical areas and white walls. the services such as electrical and plumbing lines were kept exposed for ease of operation and maintenance.


project detaits:
client: beerworks restaurants & microbrewery pvt ltd

architects: nilay patalia architects
design team: yashas nataraju, nilay patalia
structural consultant: deshpande & associates
civil contractor: jayaganga engineering structures pvt ltd
electrical contractor: shree lakshmi engineering

total built-up area: 1120 sqm
year of completion: 2017


photographs: nilay patalia