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big brewsky
bangalore, india


the program was to design a micro-brewery and restaurant on a triangular site with emphasis on large outdoor seating. the design developed from the idea of making a wall on the front side. this helped in getting a large opaque surface creating a curiosity on what lies inside as well as blocking the western sun. the front setback was utilized for parking. the plan is divided in two blocks which are derived from the site lines as well as location of existing trees and connected by a bridge on the upper floors. this divides the open spaces into front and rear courtyards which are different in scale and experience. the element connecting both the courtyards is the water body which starts near the entrance steps and goes till the other edge of the site. further, the total built-up is kept minimal accommodating the programmatic requirements so as to have minimum foot-print and maximum openness. hence as one enters from outside into the front courtyard, one only gets a glimpse of the place. however, it is the rear courtyard which reveals the real scale of the open space by having a large water-body as well as outdoor seating and bar located around it. this becomes the fulcrum of all activities with restaurants, brewery and discotheque overlooking onto it. the primary materials chosen were exposed brick and concrete. regular bricks were used without pointing to give a worn out look as if the building existed from a long time. further, all services were kept exposed to give an industrial feel to the project. the interior follows the essence of the building by subtle use of furniture, artifacts and lighting; thereby enhancing the overall experience of the place.


project detaits:
client: brewsky hospitality pvt ltd, bangalore

architects: nilay patalia architects
interiors: anshu arora
landscape: rashmi attavar
structural consultant: deshpande & associates
mep consultant: nival tech
contractor: pinnacle premium projects

site area: 1623.25 sqm
total built-up area: 1365.27 sqm
year of completion: 2014


photographs: clare arni